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Reaper and Reaper Parts

2021-01-03 05:37:04

Reaper and Reaper Parts

What is a reaper?

A Reaper is a mechanical farming device that is used to harvest crops when they are ripe. It is a selfautomated machine which cuts and often gathers ripe crops in the field, either by windrowing it or picking it up. A reaper has proven to be very useful for farmers by increasing their production and reducing their labour force at the same time.

Types of reapers:

1) Self- propelled Reaper 

This type of reaper is operated with an engine as well as is a walking behind type harvester which is used for the purpose of harvesting and windrowing ripe crops. This reaper comprises of engine, wheels, cutter bar, crop row dividers, power transmission box, conveyor belts, star wheels, operating controls and a typically sturdy frame. Rice, wheat, soybean and other cereals and oilseeds are some products it is suitable for. This type of harvested doesn’t have a reel which means it doesn’t have any shattering losses making it very advantageous and customer friendly. The crops can be collected very easily as it drops them in the window.

2) Straw reaper

 Star reapers provide functioning as a threshing machine wherein it it performs all the functions of cutting, threshing as well as cleaning the straw in one go. It is operated by a tractor.

3) Tractor mounted Reaper

This type of reaper is mounted with a tractor, consisting of a conveyer belt where the harvested crops are collected before they fall on the ground when they are cut through with the help of a cutter bar. Reaper parts

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1) Which crop has the least cultivation time? The crop that takes the least time for cultivation is Black Gram which takes about 2-3 months of time to harvest.

2) How does reaper help farmers? Reapers are very helpful for farmers to harvest the crops mechanically. A reaper increases food production as well as makes harvesting easier. Farmers can process harvesting easily with less labour force.

3) What is a reaper windrower? A reaper windrower is machine which cuts the crop and windrows all of it in the centre.


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