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Rotavators, Uses and Price Range

2020-10-13 12:25:00

What is a Rotavator?

Rotavators are agricultural machines used aerate and break up the land soil. These machines use tractor drive rotary tiller and row the farm with blades. These blades dig into the soil to break and turn it.  Rotavators are very important to mix the soil so that it becomes perfectfor making a seedbed for growing crops and vegetables. Using a rotavator indeed helps a farmer to reduce time, labour, cost as well improving soil health.

The machine was manufactured by Arthur Clifford Howard in New South Wales, Australia, 1912.

Uses of Rotavator:

  • Used for soil preparation
  • Breaking and churning the soil
  • Making the soil ready before placing any kind of turf, seedbed, etc.


To guide you to pick the right rotavator, AGROHUB provides the list of bestrotavator manufacturing brands in India.


The list is as follows:

  1. Mahindra
  2. Dasmesh
  3. Shaktiman
  4. John Deere
  5. Kubota 
  6. Agristar
  7. Sonalika
  8. Swaraj
  9. Kiota
  10. Bullz Power


AGROHUB enlists all those rotavator manufacturers which are best in quality, reliable, and best in price for money as well for the farmer to trust and invest in. The Indian rotavator manufacturing brands stand at par with international standards and are completely premium when compared to international bodies like Case IH Steiger, which is regarded as the most powerful tractor in the world.

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Types of rotavators:


There are two types of rotary tillers:

This one is a tractor mounted rotary tiller which is very useful in turning and mixing the soil and turn it to a new space that is ready for planting or sowing seeds.

Power tiller is a two-wheeler tiller that that has multipurpose functions. Besides tilling, it also helps in ploughing the soil and sowing any seeds or other nutrients. It is recommended for those farmers who have a decent amount of land which is not very large.


The rotavators also differ in the size of blades they use which in turn determines how deep will the rotavator go into the soil. The list of rotavators manufacturing brands offer variety in form of length of blades like 3 feet rotavator blade, 6feet rotavatorblade to 7 feet rotavator blade, sizes from heavy to mini rotavators, Rotavator gear boxes etc. all at varying price ranges. The Indian Rotavator Manufacturers are value for money and don’t cost a fortune to serious farmers.

On the platform of AGROHUB, one can easily find rotavator manufacturers, mini rotavator manufacturers, rotavator gear box and other equipment manufacturers in India including cities and states and districts of states like Punjab, Gujrat, Karnal, Maharashtra, Lucknow and many more.To browse through our listing of verified sellers of rotavator at best price, click here.



  1. What is the difference between Rotavators and Cultivators?


The major difference between rotavators and cultivators is that the former is much larger than the latter and has a deeper digging capacity as well. Rotavators are much more heavy duty and complex machines when compared to cultivators.

 Another difference happens to be the placement of blades in the machines. Rotavators have blades situated at the back of the body whereas the cultivators always have their blades placed in the front.Another difference between the two is that rotavators are machined used by professionals and largescale farmers who need to till big area of farm quickly and in short duration. Rotavators reduce manual labour to a bigger extent than cultivators. Cultivators on the other hand are lightweight and can be used for small scale farms and gardening purposes. Final difference between the two is the price range. Rotavators may cost a bigger fortune to farmers than cultivators. However, one can always choose to invest in the machine which suits best for their usage requirements and farm size.


  1. Will a rotavator cut through clay?

In most cases, rotavators are excellent machines to level out the soil and make a farmer’s work easy. However, if the clay on the soil is too hard, the rotavator might just scrape away a few inches of the top layer of the soil only. Make sure your clay is not too hard and rocky before you set down to rotavate your land.

  1. Can a rotavator cut through a stony ground?

Using a rotavator on a stony ground might prove to be futile because they stone might fall back from the blades which can prove to be risky as well. One should always try to manually filter big stones in the soil before using professional rotavator over the soil. It is always recommended to not use the rotavator on a very stony ground without precaution.

  1. Can a rotavator cut through roots?

 Rotavators do scrap unwanted weeds to the tiniest fragments but don’t take them out from the roots. This causes many of the weeds to grow back. However, as far as preparing the ground is concerned, rotavators are excellent in trimming the roots as tiny as possible.

  1. What is the difference between a Kioti and a Kubota?

The main difference in Kioti and Kubota is the length and the wheelbase where the former, kioti is much longer than the letter with Kubota providing more stability. The Kiotivariant also ends up providing more stability to the farmer while operating the machine on the irregular soil surface.

  1. What month should you lay turf after rotavating the soil?

Spring season is considered to be the best time to lay turf over the soil. During this season the foliage flourishes and new shoots sprout. This also leads to the turf being able to establish a deep root system over the soil. This makes the crops healthy bringing a better output for the farmer. It is always advisable to lay turf in the appropriate season to get the best results and healthy growing crops.

  1. Is John Deere better than Kubota?

Firstly, let us say that these machines are premium quality and are top notch when it comes to equipping your farm with the best. Both of the brands offer wide range of functions and specifications for particular uses. Either way, Kubota and John Deere are solid brands and industry leaders for a reason. Whatever brand you decide, you’ll get good service, proven reliability, plenty of dealer locations and good support. In short, you are goint to be satisfied either way. Just choose the brand which ticks most of your specification requirements.

  1. Is Shaktiman a better company than John Deere?

Shaktiman is the pioneer and premium company of the Indian farm implement sector. We happen to browse through a vast range of rotavators available in Shaktiman. Here, they have more than 12 series of rotavators available. Specially designed rotavators are also available in Shaktiman like rotavators for puddling. All of these pointers make Shaktiman the most reliable brand for farmers in India. All the Shaktiman Rotavator models are available at affordable prices.

John Deere rotary tiller is a reliable and excellent machine for cultivation of dry as well as wet lands and provides high-quality seedbed preparation. Whether you are tilling farmland or preparing large scale seedbeds, John Deere Rotary Tillers offer superior performance and a reliability a farmer won’t need to question before investing.

Both of the companies are pioneers and guarantee customer satisfaction on field as well as utility satisfaction providing a reasonable rotavator price range to choose from.



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