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Uses of Tractor in Farming

2021-01-03 05:34:31


A tractor is a heavy vehicle that is used to provide immense machine power for performing agricultural tasks. It is used to pull and mobilize a variety of agricultural implements across the farm for plowing, plantation, cultivation, tilling, fertilization and harvesting the crops and it can also be used for transportation purposes. A powerful tractor can be identified in the farm as a big motor machine one with large rear wheels being used in the farms used for hauling equipment and machinery. These tractors help in improving agriculture and are used in the farms or lawns for their routine care and maintenance. For farmers, tractors are a useful investment that come with many advantages of its own reducing much hard labour and work of the farmers.

Following are some advantages of using a tractor:

1) Replacing animal workload with more crops: It can sometimes become very difficult and hard a task to maintain and care for all the farm animals like cows, horses, etc. for the farmers. These animals also need at least about 6 to 7 acres of land per animal to harvest a feed enough to sustain and feed them. This additional requirement of land can be used for growing crops if the labour of farm animals is replaced by farm tractors thereby increasing the productivity of land for the farmers.

2) Generating high revenue: It is true that using a tractor consumes fuel, however, the cost of fuel used by tractors yields much more utility for the farmers and increase over revenues for them due to the reason that the cost of taking care of farm animals is much more than purchasing fuel for a tractor.

3) Efficiency: Tractors provide increase efficiency for speed and consistency. Replacing manual labour with tractor operated machinery and implements. This helps farmers to manage the farm better and increase soil quality across every inch of their farm thereby improving crop management and increasing efficiency.

4) Reduced Manpower: It is indeed a great advantage for farmers when their hard-manual labour can be replaced by farmer friendly technology and reduce long work days allowing for better and increased work to be done.


For its viewers and readers, AGROHUB enlists the best tractor manufacturing brands in India which are good investments for farmers and provide great utility and longevity. The brands that AGROHUB suggests to its readers also come with greater customer benefits like providing better mileage and fuel-efficient capacities while being strong and powerful at the same time.

Some of the companies are enlisted as follows:

• Mahindra

• TAFE – Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd. TAFE

• New Holland

• VST Tractors

• Sonalika

• Swaraj

• John Deere

• Powertrac Euro

• Farmtrac

• Eicher

With so many variations of brands, customer usage, budget and agricultural standards, the tractors come in various types also. The classification of this machinery helps the customers to decide their exact usage for their investment. Here, AGROHUB makes a list of the types of tractors available in the market for its readers so that the have an insight about their usage and specifications.

1) Utility Tractors –

• Many farmers who don’t want to invest into buying multiple number of farm implements for performing different tasks can invest into buying utility tractors which contribute into all general purpose tasks like ploughing and adding and operating a different type of equipment through its drive. These tractors have a great amount of power ranging from 50 HP to 150 HP. This type of tractors prove to be farmer friendly helping them for multiple purposes. Some of the tasks performed by this tractor include pulling different types of farm equipment like tillers, harvesters, threshers, hay-cutters and more. Some of the largest players in supplying utility tractors are Mahindra, Swaraj, John Deere tractors, Sonalika Tractors.

2) Row Crop Tractors – These tractors are designed to use in a farm wherein the crops have been planted in a row. These tractors are a little on the expensive side than utility tractors however prove to be very beneficial in terms of the benefits provided for the farmer. The row crop tractors have many advantages like levelling, harrowing, ploughing, harvesting, pulling seeds, etc. John Deere and Mahindra provide a good market for row crop tractors in India.

3) Orchard Type Tractors – These special farm tractors are designed for use in orchards like fruit orchards, nut orchards and vineyards. They are deigned in such a wayhelp farmers seat comfortably and pick out high hanging fruits at the same time. The one difference here is that these tractors have a great height as compared to the other tractors. The notable and best manufacturers of orchard tractors are John Deere Tractor, Mahindra Tractor and Massey Ferguson Tractor.

4) Garden Tractors – Garden Tractors are low to medium power tractors with an engine power ranging from 1 to 10 HP and nowadays it extends up to 20 to 25 HP. These tractors are used in the garden mainly for the purpose of grass cutting or making the flower or seed bed. Leading names in the industry for manufacturing great quality garden tractors are Swaraj, Mahindra and John Deere

5) Earth Moving Tractors – These tractors are very heavy duty and powerful and mainly used to perform earth moving tasks like working on dams, constructional works, quarries. They are heavy and massive in weight and quite strong also they are available in both track and tire type varieties.



1. Which is the most powerful tractor? International body like Case IH Steiger, is regarded as the most powerful tractor in the world with a horsepower as incredible as 692 HP

2. Which is better? Mahindra Vs. Kubota Quality The quality and standards of both Kubota and Mahindra are very similar and close in comparison. Mahindra is known for being rugged, strong, durable and long-lasting, especially with their older models. As with the newer models, they carry the same standards and reputation with added features and specifications. Kubota is in the books for being a smooth and easy operator. Everything on the tractor works great to give farmers the power, quality and performance that is matched by few. Kubota as a brand also has a reputation for having the most longest lasting tractors and accessories in the industry. Both the companies provide premium quality to the farmers proving to be friendly for farmer use which is rough and tough in the agricultural sector. Design and Performance It is clear to mention that customers can find the latest and up to date technology, hydraulics engineering and the best performance in a Kubota or Mahindra machine. Both the companies offer a wide range of tractors to choose from with overall features and specifications that prove to be very farmer friendly coming at reasonable prices as well. Overall Both the companies come with their own standards and excellent reputation of providing great utility to the farmers for the price that they pay. Excellent in performance and services, buyers can scroll through their model specifications for their specific use.


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