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What is a disc harrow? What are its uses?

2020-10-12 06:47:29

A disc harrow is a farm equipment, a deep digging harrow whose cutting edges are a row of concave metal discs. It is used to till the soil where any kind of seed or crop has to be planted or cutting off any unwanted weeds or plants.

Disc harrowing is generally done prior and post to ploughing for maximum benefit. A disc harrow can cut as deep as 8 inches of soil on the farm land with its strong and balanced discs and is a very useful farm equipment for farmers for the purpose of soil preparation and weed provocation.

Being a standard farm management practice. Discing is generally done after the process of ploughing. While ploughing does the job of cutting, inverting and granulating the soil. disking breaks up clods and crusts in the soil. Furthermore, disking improves soil granulation as well. It also assists in the important task of incorporating any kind of crop residues into the soil.


Here are some standard uses and benefits of disc harrowing on the farm:

  • Preparation of fine seedbed
  • Breaking up soil clods
  • Pulverizing the soil or thoroughly mixing the soil
  • Aerates soil
  • Destroying weeds


Types of disc harrows:

  1. Disc harrow
  2. Mounted Type Disc Harrow


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  1. What is the difference between a harrow and a cultivator?

  A disc harrow is a device consisting of a heavy framework having several discs in a row, which is moved on a ploughed land to get rid of clods and weeds or any kind of unwanted plants,while cultivator is a separate machinery used to loosen up the soil for the purpose of aeration or drainage. The machine and composition of the structure is very different.

2) What is the difference between a disc plough and a disc harrow?

A disc plough when dragged on the field can create soil clods and an uneven surface whereas in the case of disc harrow, it is a Secondary tillage with the a group of metal concave discs dragged over the soil simultaneously with a different framework all together. Here, AGROHUB provides detailed specifications about the two.

  1. Difference in Appearance:

    An apparent and simple difference between the two is that the Disc parts of plough is round but in the case of disc harrow, it happens to be slightly or fullynotched.


  1. Difference of Linkage:

For the purpose of connecting the disc with a farm tractor, we can opt for two options, disk plough, a three-point linkage type or the second option is a disk harrow, being a large traction type, also has small linkage type.


  1. Difference in Usage:

    The basic usage difference between the two is that in the process of soil preparation, one is used followed by another for better results. At first, a disc plough is for the process of cultivation. Followed by this is the disc harrow that is passed through the soil surface for breaking up soil clods, provocation of weeds, preparation of seedbed, aerating the soil, etc.


  1. What is a chain harrow? What are the uses of a chain harrow?


Chain harrows are excellent farm implements which are also environmentally friendly that help in improving or maintaining pasture lands. They can be used to spread out dung and to break out dead material. Chain harrows are inexpensive and allows you to do maintenance in the spring, even when it’s damp.

  1. How long should I wait to disc after ploughing?

After ploughing the ground, one should wait about a day’s time before they go on and proceed with harrowing. It is advised to not wait too long because the clay can turn into bricks when exposed to the sun for longer durations.

  1.  Is ploughing bad for soil?

Sometime ploughing can bring out adverse effects for the soil if it is not carried out in a proper way. Here are some things you should know.

While ploughing does its job to destroy or disrupt weed lifecycle,it can also affect the soil health by disrupting the lifecycle of the microorganisms present in the soil as well. Some essential bacteria, worms and fungi contribute to the health of the soil in a positive manner. Strong process of ploughing can come in the way of those microorganisms creating a healthy environment.

However, there are many advantages to ploughing the soil as well. Ploughing leads to loosening of soil that in turn improves air circulation. It also helps the roots can to be able to penetrate deeper into the soil, thus holding the plant or the crop firmly in the grand. Another major and very essential advantage of ploughing is that enhances the water retention capacity of the soil.


6. Can you disc wet ground?

It has been apparent that the disking of too wet soil may actually lead to an irregular incorporation of crop residue leading to the creation of clods that require additional tillage over the same surface. To add to this, the layer of compacted soil that is left down below the depth of disking can affect root growth and result in reduced yields for the farmer. For the same reason soil moisture must always be considered when a farmer is planning about discing their farm.


7. How much horsepower is required to pull a disc?

The amount of horsepower required to pull a disc depends upon the size of the disc that is being used by the farmer. The amount of horsepower is always equally proportional to the size of disc that is being used. Bigger the disc, greater will be the horsepower. The angle of the disc and the soil conditions are two external factors that also influence the amount of horsepower to be used.



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