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Hand Cultivator

Another kind of cultivator is Hand cultivator. It is basically a tool used for gardening to turn soil upside down and remove weeds. Hand cultivators are one solid piece of equipments which can be used to till the soil 3 to 4 inches deep. Hand cultivators are useful on smaller piece of land. Although they employee more labour work, they are easy to handle and maintain. Unlike other machinery cultivators Hand cultivators do not have any electricity or fuel cost. 

Hand Cultivator Machine

The purpose of hand cultivator machine is also the same. Hand cultivator machines are more advanced in comparison to normal simple hand cultivators. The main purpose of a Hand machine cultivator is to prepare a proper seedbed for the crops. Both the hand cultivators and hand tiller cultivators are used for tilling and digging specific area for the soil, control weeds etc.

There are several Hand cultivator manufacturers in India located in different parts of the nation. These Hand manufacturer traders do Trading as well as manufacturing of the particular product. One such verified member is Dhami Agrotech located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. They trade in soil cultivation, harvesting machines. The key products are seed drills, cultivators, straw choppers and seed drills.  The product is given three stars rating by its users.

Hand mini cultivators

Hand mini cultivation machines are amongst the various sizes of hand cultivators. Hand mini cultivators are smallest in size. The mini Hand cultivator’s body has a stick attached to it which is adjustable according to its length it has two to three blades attached. It is used in tilling the soil up to few inches. Although it cannot be used in large areas. This tool helps in tilling soil upon a specific area and is very cost effective on small gardens. It can be used after plantation of the crops and when the crops have grown around them. The adjustable body of the tool helps in tilling the soil according to the requirement. It is also effective in digging soil from specific areas to plant the crops.

 Hand cultivator machine is advanced than the simple hand cultivator tools. The Hand cultivator machine is generally used by hand. It has and motor attached to it. The machine does employee labour but is helpful in tilling and rearranging soil into bigger rows. It is easy to work with and cover larger area in comparison to simple hand cultivator. Hand cultivator machines have wide range of dealers and traders in India. The power is obtained from power engine fitted on it. The power through the main clutch makes the hand cultivator function.

In areas where the land holdings are small big power cultivators used with tractors will turn out to be costly for tilling of land. On such farm lands the hand power cultivators are used. They are also cheaper to buy. Since most of the farmers are unable to purchase tractors this is an effective substitute for them to work with. These equipments give great functionality and economy to the money spent on them. There use is more flexible in comparison to power cultivators and tiller machines. Amongst the broad category of cultivators above are the most basic and easy to use. They selection of the cultivator depends on the level of work to be done. While buying a cultivator it should be kept in mind that on what kind of land it is to be worked on, the type of soil, the size of land and the amount of obstructions in the soil should be taken into consideration. A wide range of dealers are available who guarantee the quality of the product and its smooth functioning. The only way to get a good quality product is to get it through the right platform which gives detailed and guaranteed information about the product.