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Rotavator is a machine used in agriculture for mixing of the soil using large blades. Rotavator is used cuts, mixes and levels the soil. Rotavator is used along with tractors. It is a tractor driven machine used for cutting and leveling the soil. 

Tractor Rotavator 

Tractor Rotavator machine is used for the tilling of the soil with greater depth. There is difference between rotavator and cultivator. Although both are used for the same purpose Rotavator has wheels which help in pulling it whereas cultivator has no wheels. Also Rotavator has blades which spine the soil and mix it whereas the shape of cultivator’s blades is used to pull the soil. The Rotavator blades work in such a manner that they cut and churn the soil. These blades rotate and mix the soil into finer particles. 

Rotavator price 

The Rotavator price ranges from INR 20 till 1 lakh depending on the machinery. The price of Rotavator machinery is subsidized as well.

Rotavator manufacturers in India.

India has a lot of demand for agricultural equipments. Thus there are a lot many  rotavator manufacturers in India. Each of them produces its own standard quality of its production unit. The demand for rotavator manufacturers are not only in India but also overseas. Certain units are Rotavator Tractor manufacturers as well. Amongst these manufacturers are the following registered and certified producers:

Dhami Agrotech Traders in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. They are starred 3 out of 5 for their products quality. The product for this company constitutes seeders, cultivators, laser, land levelers etc. There products have and assured quality & are durable. They are verified members of Agrohub.

Chaany Agro Industries are other manufacturers & Retailers located in Bathinda, Punjab. They are also rated 3 stars out of 5. The other products are food harvesters, straw chopper, super seeder etc. They are verified members of Agrohub.

Dashmesh Agro & Dashmesh combine Parts are Traders in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Rated 3 stars out of five for their products. The other products are laser levels, Reversible plough, zero seeders etc.

Satnaam Auto mobiles are Traders $ Retailers in Paliya Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. They are rated three stars out of five. Other products of these dealers are choppers, Straw reapers, land scrappers karaha. The products of the company has unmatched level of performance.

Jaspo  Ind Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers in Bathinda, Punjab. They are also rated 3 out of five stars. Their products include a wide range of items such as mud loaders, rotavators, straw reapers, mu4501-4wd etc. they put in their best to satisfy customers demand and to provide them with products which suits their pocket. They are verified by Agrohub.

Guru Ramdas AgroTech are manufacturers, Retailers in Patiala, Punjab Rated three out of five stars. They are verified by Agrohuh. The products start from self harvest combines, rotavator etc. There products have standard quality made of assured raw material.

Param Agro Ind are manufacturers in Raipur, Punjab. Rated three out of five stars. There products range from mulchs, super seeder, Rotavator, roto seeder etc.

Apart from the above manufacturing units of rotavators in India. There are various other industries registered on this portal which provides assured and sustainable quality of the product. They are situated in various states within various regions.

The type of soil to be used should be kept in mind while working with rotavator. The rotavator is best in sandy soil because of its texture. The texture of clayey soil is different when it is wet or dry. Rotavators on the other hand are economical since they are cost effective and can be used of relatively larger areas. They can also be used with tractors in place of cultivators, harrow and levelers. This equipment is used for destroying weeds; it helps in smooth & speedy preparation of crops. The smooth mixing of fertilizers is also efficiently done with the help of rotavators. The left over’s are also mixed efficiently with rotavators. The wear and tear of machinery is lesser since the soil preparation is finished in few steps. Apart from the other advantages of rotavator are that it has lesser power consumption. Seedbed is also prepared in lesser time.