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Products: Super SMS,GRD Rotavator,Self Harvester Combine GRD-1534,

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Self Harvester Combine GRD-1534

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Featured Harvester Combine with GPS & Fuel Guage Tracking System

Product Highlights

(A) Engine Leyland      
Model Ashok Leyland      
Power 101 PS @ 2200 RPM      
No. of Cylinder Six      
Air Cleaner Combination fo Dry & Wet Type      
Cooling System Water Cooled      
(B )Clutch        
Type of Clutch Single, Heavy Duty Dry Clutch      
Dia 310 (mm)      
(C) Transmission        
No. of Gears 3 Forward,  1 Reserve 4 Forward 1 Reverse
Gear Speed L H L H
1st Gear 2 4 1.6 2.5
2nd Gear 4 8 3.4 5.5
3rd Gear 8 20 6.2 10
4th Gear     13.7 22
Reverse 4 8 4.5 7.3
(D) Cutter Bar (For Wheat, Paddy & Others)        
Width 14 Feet (4.3m)      
Cutting Height 65-1275      
No. of Blades 57      
No. of Guards 57      
Strock (mm) 85      
Reel (rpm) 20-55      
Dia (mm) 915      
Feeder Housing Chain type Feed Rack      
(E) Threshing Mechanism        
Threshinig Drum Wheat (Rasp Bar) Paddy (Peg Tooth)    
Width (mm) 1250 1265    
Diameter of Threshing Drum (mm) 605 605    
Speed (mm) 540-1200      
Speed Adjustment By means of Mechanical Variator      
(E2) Concave        
Clearance Wheat Paddy    
Front (mm) 17-30 13-25    
Rear (mm) 7.5-11 9-12    
Adjustment Mechanical      
(E3) STRAW WALKER        
No. of Straw Walker 5      
No. of Steps 5      
Length (mm) 3815      
Width (mm) 235      
Upper Sieve Area 2.42      
Lower Sieve Area 1.77      
(E5) CAPACITY        
Grain Tank 2.0      
Fuel Tank (Lt.) 365      
(E6) BATTERY        
No. of Battery 2      
Capacity of Rating 12v, 100Ah (Each)      
(E7) TYRE        
Front 18.4/15x30      
Rear 9.00x16      
Length (mm) 8670      
Width (mm) 4665      
Height (mm) 3800      
Ground Clearance 340      
(IN TRANSPORT)        
Length (mm) 12280      
Width (mm) 3045      
Height (mm) 3800      
Total Weight 9050 Approx      




































Super SMS

Super SMS

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GRD Rotavator

GRD Rotavator


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Self Harvester Combine GRD-1534

Self Harvester Combine GRD-1534

Featured Harvester Combine with GPS & Fuel Guage Tracking System...

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