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Power Cultivator

The use of a cultivator is to till the soil. This machine is designed to stir the soil before planting of crops. There are various types of cultivators which fall under the category of cultivator. Amongst these is Power cultivator. The Power cultivator is used to blend the soil and keep it aerated before plantation. The Power Tiller cultivator is a two wheeler machine with multipurpose use. 

Power Tiller Cultivator

Power Tiller Cultivator is used to dig and mix the hard soil into loose particals. The Power Tillers cultivators are further divided into various categories depending upon the size of the garden. It contains a set of blades with a wheeled housing and powered by gasoline engine. The work of the Power Tiller Cultivator is it gives smooth assistance to the farming work. Power Tiller Cultivator is a good choice for farmers since it replaces the work of animals and employees more labour to it. It prepares the seed well for the cropping process and also prepares the soil well for it. It also helps in spraying fertilizers, harvesting, threshing crops. It is good in small size of land. It is very much helpful in hilly regions with terrace farming. It reverses and cuts the soil simultaneously. It is efficient and economical to use.  It is used with attachments such as sewing machine, spray machine etc. It is used in wheat, rice cultivations. The tiller is and easy machine to be used which just needs balance. It helps in developing the nutrition of the soil. There are also subsidies on the use of these products by the government. It makes the work of its user much easier. It is a substitute for the big machinery like tractors to the farmers

Power weeder cultivator

The category of Power cultivator has further types Power weeder and Mini power cultivator. The power cultivator is sold by a wide range of dealers all over India. Amongst the category of Power tiller cultivator falls Mini cultivators. Mini cultivators are efficient for gardens with small size. Power weeder cultivator is a machine which is basically used for removing weed and loosening the soil. This is used after the crop begins to grow. Power weeder cultivator is used in crops of cotton, tomato, paddy sugarcane etc. Power weeder is available in compact designs at good prices. Power weeder cultivator reduces the labour cost; it saves time by replacing the traditional method of weed control also. Also it removes unwanted grass from the plants They are available at reasonable prices in India starting from INR 80,000.

Mini Power Cultivator

Mini Power cultivator is a single person use machine. Mini Power cultivator can be used on gardens. Mini cultivator is used for small scale farming purpose. It requires lesser electricity and Mini cultivator are used on smaller areas. The power cultivator is sold by a wide range of dealers all over India.  The small sized rotary tillers can perform both functions of harrow and cultivators.

The use of both cultivators and tillers distinguish the product where cultivators are smaller and easier to operate. They have lesser digging power in comparison to a tiller. They are also a good option for soils with raised bed. Power cultivator is also used to mix the fertilizers and control the weed growth. They work on both gas engines and electricity. Tillers on the other hand are to be used on larger farm areas. Tillers have larger engines and bigger tines. The type of tiller depends on the size of the garden. Cultivators mix the soil into finer mixture than tillers. The use of these machinery assures subsidy resulting in reduced costs. Agrohub is thus the portal which provides you with the right kind of information for every machinery and its uses

Power cultivator price in India

The Power cultivator price in India is available in wide range starting from INR 9000 till INR 80,000 depending upon the size and power requirement of the power cultivator.