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Reversible Plough

The Reversible Plough is a kind of plough just like the other types. The reversible plough is unique in its use because it can be directly attached with a tractor for being used in the fields implement. The Reversible Plough has two parts as MB ploughs, of which one can be turned to the right and the other can be turned to the left. While one is being used on the land, the other can be used turning upside down in the air.

 Reversible Plough manufacturers 

The Reversible Plough manufacturers are spread all over the country. This is different from on disc plough because of its Disc reversing mechanism. The discs moves in the direction where the tractor turns, making it more flexible for use.

Reversible Plough prices

The Reversible Plough prices vary as per their dealers.  The reversible plough price starts from INR 25000. The reversible ploughs are also available on sale. Some of the reversible plough manufacturers are also registered on this portal are:

Aggarwal Eng. Work in pillibhit, Uttar Pradesh is manufacturer and trader of this specific product. They are verified members for the product and produce assured quality of the product.

Kumar Enterprises located in Gola, Uttar Pradesh.  They are the traders of this equipment and along with other equipments such as gold rotary tiller, happy seeder etc. They are certified by Agrohub.

Shree Gopal Engineering works rated three out of five stars are manufacturers of MB plough situated in Mandasaur in Madhya Pradesh. The key products are soil cultivated plough, M.B plough, Reversible plough. These are basically tractor mounted plough. They are prominent producers of the products since 1975.

Dhashmesh & Dhashmesh Combine Parts are certified dealers rated three out of five stars and situated in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pardesh. They too are assured members verified by Agrohub.

Mukesh agro Industry located in Mandsaur, Madhya Pardesh. They were setup in the year 2003. They have grown themselves into one of the most believed, vigorous and good providers of the product.The reasoning and the coordinated approach of the organization have turned them into a Government confirmed Manufacturer & exporter of national & International Trade. They have been producing best class which fits in mass request and also provides accuracy of the product. The products are made of standard quality of crude material which are further manageable in building structures. The Mini ferrow Plough was invented by them, Ferrow Hydrolic and Disc plough machine was also invented by them.

Manufacturers are manufacturing a wide variety for the different type of ploughs which include h Reversible Ploughs, mini bottom plough and three furrow mechanical reversible plough. Amongst these the Hydraulic Reversible Ploughs are used for cultivation of land consistently. It is used in breaking the hardness of the soil and upturning the stubbles. It is a good implement to be used with tractors and is preferable for the crops use such as Sugarcane, Grains, Oilseeds, Pulses and Cotton. It can also be a good tool to be used on medium and hard soil. Its first manufacturing was done in Rajkot, Gujarat. However, now different brands of agricultural machinery are authorized makers of Hydraulic Reversible Plough. Some of the important features of Hydraulic Reversible Plough which make them preferable are that the fuel is less consumed by them and also the low maintenance, the spare parts are easily available; the hydraulic mechanism of this plough is set for a range of tractors. The are so made that they can be used with any frame.

The advantages of using the Reversible Plough are as follows:

·         It is designed in such a way so that it can be used in all types of soil depending upon the soil texture.

·          For tough cultivation jobs to be done on harsh and stoned soils the plough has special resistant bottoms made of steel.

·         Its penetration performance can do the toughest part of the cultivation very easily. 

·          For trashy conditions the under frame clearance equipped in it is perfect.

·          Easy to handle also it has strong axle to turnover, a mechanism for hydraulic and economical fuel usage as well.